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7 Ways to Start Living
Not yet ready for a session but need to start making changes now? This master checklist helps prepare you for the changes to come by walking you through 7 preliminary steps. *Pre-requisite to the 4 Week JumpStart course.
4 Week JumpStart
$297 — This 4 week course provides you with the tools necessary to jumpstart your life. It is founded on empirically-based methods and created with your COMEBACK in mind. Take control to get your life on track today!
Cut or Keep Him
Cut Him or Keep Him
Ready to move on and/or dabble in the dating pool? Here is the cheat sheet you need to have to know if he is or isn’t worth your investment.
Cut or Keep Her
Cut Her or Keep Her
Ready to move on and/or dabble in the dating pool? Know if she is the one for you before putting in your time and love with this cheat sheet!