Adults Arguing and Child Sad

Domestic Abuse

Perpetrators, victims, and children of domestic abuse all have a part in the revolving door of abuse. Abuse is a silent issue that plagues many individuals and families. Abuse is not just physical. It comes in many forms: mental/ psychological, sexual, financial, and verbal/ emotional.

Through the Perpetrator Project, men and women who have abused are given tools individualized to their needs in order to reduce and/or eliminate recurrence of abuse. Through Domestic Abuse Coaching, victims and children of abuse are educated about roles they have played in abuse. They are then trained with the skills to change current maladaptive mindsets and behaviors and engage in more appropriate, safe, and adaptive skills and behaviors to live a more fulfilled and healthy life.

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Men in Counseling Session

Mental Health

Our professionals use individualized approaches, including a number of modalities, to treat a variety of disorders such as depression, general and social anxiety, adjustment disorders, aggression and anger, etc. Play therapy, individual therapy, couple’s therapy, family and group therapy are provided as needed to help our clients achieve autonomy and personal gains based on goals created by the client and professional at the start of the therapeutic relationship. ABA is incorporated into sessions by highly-trained professionals to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Recovery, discovery, resilience, and well-being are promoted in each session for all clients experiencing mental health issues.

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