Picture of Founder and Owner of LLLA

After surviving domestic violence and experiencing its effects, Enasha Anglade decided to use her experience and education to make a change in a very real issue silently plaguing society by founding and operating LaughLoveLive Again: a program created to provide services geared toward social change in the domestic violence population. Using her teachings in the field of psychology and applied behavior analysis, coupled with her belief in the social significance of behavior change for the perpetrator, Enasha has made it her mission to do what not many have been able to accomplish: create domestic violence advocacy, resources and awareness for the role of the perpetrator of domestic violence. Enasha’s goal is to spread awareness beginning from the youth and advancing to lawmakers, government and other bodies responsible for policy creation in order to make those services and resources readily available for a minority population.


With an extensive background in ABA, Enasha decided to expand services to include ABA therapy. Her passion for the field led to her becoming a board certified behavior analyst. Her goal is to provide quality, ethical care to LaughLoveLive Again clients. She also offers mental health services proffered by qualified professionals on the LaughLoveLive Again team in addition to coaching services.



To provide quality, personalized ABA and Mental Health services to the underserved and vulnerable populations, including children and individuals with Autism; and victims, perpetrators, and at-risk youth of Domestic Abuse and Violence.


To infuse ABA interventions into all services, targeting behavior in the effort to effect real change. We set out to uphold ethical standards and maintain quality.


Providing behavioral tools and training to the underserved Domestic Abuse population; offering ABA tools, skills and training for children, individuals and parents; serving  the Mental Health population; and proffering coaching services to those seeking change.

LaughLoveLive Again offers a wide range of services for the behavioral and mental health population. We specialize in Domestic Abuse services, on which our company was founded, and expanded to provide ABA services, Mental Health services, and Coaching services for those who need some guidance in life and help navigating relationships.

Nathalie Delaine
Life Coach
Former Client

You helped me get my wings to leave the situation that I was in.


Finding someone you’re comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and issues with isn’t easy. Enasha, of LaughLoveLive Again, provides a sense of comfort and openness to speak freely without fear of judgement. Her listening ear plus the solutions, perspective, and motivation she offers make her a great coach to help me wade through my trials in the effort to find triumph on the other end.